HFM sound system requirements

Stage Diagram

Stage Equipment needed: 3 Microphones (4 mics for concert sets), 4-5 Boom Stands, 4 Direct Inputs, 3-4 Monitors, 3 Chairs, 1 Piano Bench, 2 Tables

All sound reinforcement equipment must be professional quality. Homemade and personal stereo components are not acceptable.

Monitor EQ is very important. We generally require that frequencies in the 1-2 Khz range be attenuated somewhat to keep the sound from being too shrill. Please walk behind the band to check the monitor sound during the sound check.

No keyboards in the monitors. The keyboard amp acts as a stage monitor.

Paul's vocal mic is only required for concert performances.

Once levels have been set at the sound check, all microphones are to be left on, all channels left open. As a rule, please leave the mix alone during the performance, except as specifically requested by the musicians.

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