Hillbillies From Mars
The Hillbillies From Mars have been rocking the contradance scene in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1982. And in 2013, they rocked the Internet, playing the music for Google's Thanksgiving doodle.

The Hillbillies combine their love and dedication to Celtic and American traditional fiddle music with a healthy dose of their own "folk roots" of rock 'n' roll, swing, Latin and African beats, forging a new tradition of dance music.

HfM onstage

For bookings and information:

Daniel Steinberg
tel: (650) 517-3972
email: Daniel@HillbilliesFromMars.com

The Hillbillies From Mars play irregularly for square and contra dances around the Bay Area. They also perform concert sets and workshops at music and dance festivals from Fairbanks to Florida.

Appearances Include:
  • Denver Dance Weekend
  • Knoxville Dance Festival
  • Slugs at Sunrise, Seattle
  • Cincinatti Dance Festival
  • Pigtown Fling, Cincinnati
  • Fiddlehead Dance Camp
  • Old Farmer's Ball, Asheville
  • Camp Wannadance, Seattle
  • Black Mountain Folk Festival
  • Dance the Dark Away, Juneau
  • Balancing the Belle, Louisville
  • Chesapeake Dance Weekend
  • Dance Camp North, Fairbanks
  • Contra Round The Clock, Atlanta
  • Lawrence, Kansas Dance Festival
  • Bear Hug Dance Festival, Montana
  • Sierra Swing American Dance Week
  • Harvest Moon Festival, Santa Barbara
  • Live Oak Music Festival, Santa Barbara
  • Summer Solstice Folk Festival, Los Angeles
  • Snake River Sounds: Old Music in the New West
  • Port Townsend Festival of American Fiddle Tunes


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